Wyland Galleries Waikiki Beach Walk High School Art Scholarship Contest Launches January 2016


HONOLULU, HI – January 12, 2016  – Wyland Galleries Waikiki Beach Walk, Hawaiian Community Development Board, Pacific Development Group and Trinity Development and Construction unite together to launch the 2nd Annual Wyland Galleries Waikiki Beach Walk High School Art Scholarship Contest (WHAS) with the blessing of Wyland himself on Saturday, January 9, 2016 at Wyland’s Art Show.

Many gathered in awe as they witnessed Wyland sketch, paint and demonstrate his technique first hand in a public art show this past Saturday night. In the midst of all the creativity and inspiration, several young students were able to interview Wyland on why the scholarship contest currently in place is meaningful to him and what is his overall message to the young artist entering.

WHAS 2015 first year proved to be a huge success and captivated the hearts of young art students across the state.  Amongst the four students, two winners were awarded a scholarship of $1,500 each that demonstrated outstanding art skills.

Paulena Huynh of Farrington High School and Leilani Herrera of Kapolei High School were the overall winners of WHAS 2015.  Their winning art were dedicated to two local affordable housing projects developed by Pacific Development Group and Hawaiian Community Development Board. The winning art pieces are displayed for all to enjoy.

Joe Michael, Vice President of Pacific Development Group, builder of the two affordable housing properties continues to spearhead WHAS and plans to continue aligning the winning art pieces with worthy causes. This year’s beneficiary is the U.S.VETS shelters in Kapolei and Waianae; where the two winning art pieces will be auctioned at their fundraising event held in April and May of 2016. Each art piece will be certified by Wyland and the team as an “Official Wyland Young Artist”. 

When asked if U.S.VETS would like to receive the winning art pieces from the “Wyland Young Artist” art contest, Gladys Peraro, Executive Director of U.S.VETS Waianae’s Emergency & Transitional Homeless Shelter stated, “It will be an honor to receive the art pieces for use in the silent auction at our annual Hana Like Kakou (Many Hands Working Together) benefit dinner on April 23rd, to benefit the individuals and families with children that reside in our programs.  It truly takes our ‘many hands’ working collaboratively within the community to make a difference in the lives of those whom we serve.”

 Wyland shared with young interviewers Frank Fasi III (13) and Kieran Hellum (13) when asked the question of where did you learn your skill, “I learned at an early age however learning is a lifelong progress. I’m still learning. As I dive, I study light beneath the ocean surface and watch how it impacts color and motion. I then swim up and put all on canvas.”

Frank and Kieran continued to ask Wyland what advice can you give young artist? Wyland replied, “This is the best time to be in art.  Follow your dreams and continue to do your passion. We need to protect art in education in America.”

These boys although too young to enter the high school contest, have yet even more of a reason to push forward and pursue art and the art of striving to improve. Wyland shared how challenging living your dream in the beginning can be but with perserverence one could achieve “rich art” versus “Bohemian art”. Meaning earning riches in abundance in order to spread good amongst the world to be able to “give back and share forward”, says Wyland.

The 2nd Annual WHAS is one small part of giving back to Hawaii. All partners are honored to offer this program to the local public high schools and U.S.VETS. Here art extends past the schools, Wyland, U.S.VETS but continues to stay alive and well by blessings others in need. The contest runs through March 31, 2016 with the winners to be announced by April 15, 2016. For more details see here:

 For more information about  the 2nd Wyland Galleries High School Art Scholarship Contest, U.S.VETS and  Halawa View Apartments Blessing and Dedication contact Tammy Lynn Fasi at 808.798.5370.

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