Established in 2000, TRINITY DEVELOPMENT & CONSTRUCTION, INC. has completed projects throughout  California and Hawaii from extremely rural settings in the Sierras and Central  Valley to the Downtown streets of San Francisco.


Trinity Development & Construction, Inc. is a licensed California and Hawaii General Contracting construction management and development company. We have completed in excess of $200 million dollars in construction projects to date. Attention to detail in quality craftsmanship on time with careful consideration to the client’s budget is paramount to our company’s success. Established in 2000, Trinity has completed projects throughout California and on the island of Oahu in Hawaii from extremely rural settings in the Sierras and Central  

Valley to the Downtown streets of San Francisco. Its experiences in Federal and State agency contracts and regulatory compliance related to construction is also very broad and well versed. Its entrance in 2013 into the State of Hawaii’s construction arena has broadened its experience logistically employing local contractors on island the island of Oahu. Trinity self performs some of the major construction trades when necessary with local hires who are experts in their fields.



CalWeber 40

STOCKTON, California

Cal Weber 40 Apartments consists of 40 units, 28 apartments with two bedrooms and one bathroom, 12 more with three bedrooms and two baths. The modern apartment complex boasts solar-powered units, a computer lab and a private playground. Cal Weber 40 is located at the intersection of N. California St. and E. Weber Avenue in Stockton, CA.

Medici Artist Lofts

Stockton, California

The Medici Artist Lofts will redefine Stockton’s arts and culture scene by becoming a beacon of creativity for the entire central valley. The majority of the building will be transformed into one, two, and three bedroom residences geared toward the city’s artists, musicians, writers, and anyone else who derives a portion of their livelihood through creative endeavors.