Cottage Village Apartments


Cottage Village Senior Apartments is a senior development for low and very low-income senior residents. There will be forty (40) one-bedroom one-bath units and eight (8) two-bedroom one bath units.

Units will be constructed in eleven (11) four-plex buildings and two (2) duplex buildings. Only two of the four-plex buildings will be two story; thus, only four units will be 2nd story units. 42 of the units will be ground level accessible with six being provided at a second level. The project sponsors, DFA Cottage Village Associates LP, believe that the project will enable a significant group of local seniors to continue residence in Manteca and that the proposed plan will create a welcoming and comfortable community. The form and density of the project site and building improvements should mesh nicely with the existing neighborhood to take maximum advantage of the site and project opportunities. With the relatively level site, preponderance of ground level units, a generous unit design with interior spaces and clearances for full accessibility, the project will offer 42 units that provide prospective senior and disabled senior residents with options that presently do not exist.