CalWeber 40

DFA Development’s Danny Fred and Three Leaf Holdings’ Chris Flaherty, as developers, take pride in providing affordable family housing.

Their collective drive to deliver quality with integrity on each project they touch is always at the forefront of each of their projects. They take pride in knowing that their projects are developed, designed and constructed with an approach that parallels their affiliated companies’ vertical integration in the process of developing unique properties in urban cores to rural communities.

Each of DFA’s projects is constructed by its affiliate Trinity Development and Construction at the helm in a design build format. Trinity Development and construction offer full general contracting and project management services in residential and commercial construction.

Cal Weber 40 is located at the intersection of N. California St. and E. Weber Avenue in Stockton, CA. The two existing buildings known as the McKeegan building and the Cal Weber building are in serviceable condition and are well suited for adaptive re-use. Adaptive re-use is the method of development with the smallest carbon footprint and therefore the “greenest” construction method. This allows for a compressed budget as well as a way to preserve the history of the city with the partial conservation of the original structure. The method also sets a good example for the future redevelopment of downtown Stockton.